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My latest body of work is inspired by cave exploration, dreams, the desert, and sound. Layers of plywood, as they twist and turn, resemble the geologic formations of swirling sandstone found at Zion National Park in Utah. Some of the caves resemble butterflies and flowers while others resemble ears. The wood used has been twice re-purposed. Three times if you count the initial conversion of the tree into the product known as plywood.


Each block in its precut and raw form was sculpted using a large industrial drill that was fitted with hole coring bits and wielded by hand to create spontaneous forms. The surface wood grains help to tell the story. They are sanded, stained and buffed repeatedly before sand and acrylic is applied to the sides.


Caves are mystical and often dangerous places where secrets and new experiences lie waiting to be discovered.

They are places in which to hide. Sometime physically but often, caves are where we bury our pain and deepest feelings from the world. Dreams emerge from dark recesses and spill out into the gleaming light, creating mystery and beauty.

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